16Nov 2016

A successful stand from our players, coaches, and parents. Proving the excelence training of Boca jrs. Soccer School, a new trophy has it’s own place at our location. Congratulations to our 2005 team for their victory at the European Soccer Showcase 2016.

13Sep 2016

Congratulations to our U13 players and our coaches! We just won the Orlando Cup 2016. We are proud to do this announcement and wish this experience motivate our kids to continue training hard. Team work and compromise always yields its rewards and as our coaches say, “the enthusiam and perseverance make the success”.

13Sep 2016

Boca Soccer School proposes new summer activities. What better time of the year than this to do what you love? No excuses to train. Register now and learn your favorite sport in the official Academy of Boca Juniors in Miami to train as a player of one of the largest football teams of the world. […]

13Sep 2016

From 18 July, 2016 regular soccer practices at school have began. 11.000 players are training at Boca Soccer Schools in the world with 400 professional trainers. More than 500 are playing in professional leagues. Do not miss this unique opportunity to be part of this great team! For children up to 12 years the practice will […]

05Apr 2016

Boca Juniors tryouts in Miami for the 2016/2017 season begins on June 1st. They will be divided by age groups as follows: North Miami Beach Facility | Patricia A. Mischon Park Boys and girls, from 5 to 7 years old: June 2nd, 7th, 9th, 14th – 5/ 6 PM Boys and girls, from 8 to […]

27Jan 2016

Boca Soccer School established a policy of zero tolerance for threats of all kinds applicable to any participant including parents, children, coaches, board members, volunteers and spectators at the Academy program. Who verbally or physically abuse someone will be suspended, meaning that the person can not attend soccer matches or other sponsored events, including training. […]